Use Day Parts To Make Your Social Media Ads More Effective

by Elaine Torres (Social Mind Media)

by Elaine Torres (Social Mind Media)

Ah, the familiar day-part. Those who have worked in any type of media outlet know this term well. It's simply the breaking up of the day into segments of time. Advertisers use this to place their ads where they will be most effective for their brands. Think of the radio ads that you hear on your way to and from work every day. Now, you probably don't pay too much attention to them, but day-parting is being used throughout your commute to entice you to buy. Restaurants purchase ads during morning drive times of 6a -8a, to get you to stop by for breakfast then again during 10a-2pm to try to entice you with their lunch specials, and then again during your drive home with 5p-7p the prime spot to vie for your dinner plans. So day-parting is not new in the game of advertising, and in the world of social media, day-parting or "micro-moments" can mean the difference between just being online and having an online presence that people actually see.

Why is Dayparting Important for my Brand?

Day-parting is a way to see who is watching at what times. By running analytical reports to see what times people are using search you are able to structure your social media campaigns and google ads to run in accordance with the best times. This is important for 2 reasons.

1. It allows you to set up the best times to run your ads when the most eyes are available.

2. It means that you are not just throwing money into social media without structure which can be very bad for any ad campaign and can lead many to believe that "Social media, doesn't work". 

Create messaging that fits your day-parts, and overall campaign strategy. 

Create messaging that fits your day-parts, and overall campaign strategy. 

How do I know what day-parts are best for my product or service?

The best place to start is to determine what devices your audience is using when they conduct their searches. Are they using mobile devices or tablets and desktops more? Then you can dig deeper into the data to determine what days are best, and drill even further down to determine what times and day-parts are better for your brand or audience. Any analytics software worth it's salt will have these options available and facebook has their in their insights tab, but the one top of mind at the moment that provides all of this data and more is Google Analytics. They give a comprehensive breakdown of days, months, device, and best times for search.

Run this reporting over a few weeks and you'll start to notice a pattern emerging. You will be able to see when most people are online, when they search for your product.

How do I use this in my marketing plan?

Have messaging strategies ready. By creating value driven messaging and providing it at appropriate times you can ensure that people will be more apt to pay attention to articles you run. Have a weekend sales coming up on swimwear? Start running teaser ads on Thursday and Friday to kick it off. Use the theme of relaxation by the pool or beach after a hard work week or advertise an "early bird" special on Friday night to entice people to shop early. Run the bulk of your ads Saturday and Sunday focusing on the day-parts that show more visibility for your product, but don't forget to have a few during off times to still have a relevant presence. 

Be aware of your digital platforms, know if your audience is using mobile or desktops, this helps in creating effective messaging that looks perfect on any device. 

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If you have any questions regarding day-parts and how to best utilize them in your digital marketing strategy feel free to leave me a message, or contact me at any time. I'd love to help.