Things to remember for your next Social Media Campaign

Facebook adds 1/2 a million new users every day. EVERY DAY. That's over 500 thousand pairs of eyes, and ears now with the addition of video, EVERY DAY. When we start to look into the data it can begin to become a blur, almost as fast as internet user growth rates. Globally, there are 3.175 BILLION new internet users on the planet. To put that into perspective that is nearly half of the world's population. THE ENTIRE WORLD! After reading an article about 10 Amazing Social Media Growth Stats from the fine folks at Social Media Today, I began to sit and ponder the amounts of data that are traveling at record speeds across the various lines of communication in the world. The numbers don't lie and while we take into consideration another fact presented that states that many of the people accessing the internet are doing so through mobile devices.  

Just this quarter there are currently 3.734 billion Unique Mobile Users all using their mobile devices to access social media platforms.  That's enough to make any number crunching data junkie super excited. We have literally come to the climax of social intrusion and have the ultimate choice of pills...the red or the blue.

screenshot from the movie: The Matrix. Dir. Andy Wachoswki and Larry Wachowski. Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999. DVD

Choose the red and your videos will stream throughout the world to be seen by any and everyone imaginable. Choose the blue, and you're still in good company with likes and soon to be dislikes to be had by all. That's literally billions of people watching your roommate taunt spiders (that's really a thing). That's billions of people watching a video about how to connect a tail light on their car, or a birthday party gone awry, or taking lessons on Photoshop. Whatever people are choosing to spend their time doing on the internet the important fact here is that they're doing it on the internet. The data driven internet!

Marketers howl with delight at being able to have a shot at a viral video. It has never been easier for a company or corporation to tug at the heart strings of the world while subliminally presenting their product or service in the process. So we all know that the internet can be an amazing place for our business or service, but how do we capture the attention of all of those beautiful peepers? 

There are a few keys to consider when considering a social media campaign or social marketing initiative.

1. BE REAL. The first thing to remember is that social media is called SOCIAL media for a reason. When you're creating an ad, making a product video, or writing a blog about a service you offer it can be difficult to remember that there actual people that will be seeing the finished product. What appeals to you might not necessarily appeal to someone else. Use caution when you're in your creative zen and remember that people are different and beautiful creatures. Try to appeal to the human side of viewers and engage with them using qualities that we all share and enjoy like togetherness, family, community, or friendship. Put a little humanity in your posts. Ask questions, comment back when people like your posts, or follow you on twitter. Start the conversation with people you encounter online. A little transparency in your business never hurt anyone, but it will show your followers or clients that you care enough to share things with them.

2. TRY NOT TO BE DATA DRIVEN.  It can be really easy to slide into the mode of being totally driven by data in social marketing. That is what commerce and businesses view as measurable and with that they can determine ROI and possible budgeting for future campaigns. Money money money. Social media is more than that, it's like planting a seed. When you plant that seed you don't always see it growing, but you know it's there, under the dirt slowly pushing it's way to the light. Then on an unexpected day you see the green shoot. Your seed has grown. It is literally the internets grass roots campaign.  Social marketing functions in much the same way. The ads you create, the videos and posts you create might not be of any significant relevance to anyone at the moment. It might not be for quite some time, but then there's a day when someone remembers your ad or your business name when they have that need. Go ahead and plant it, they will come. 

The Social Media Umbrella, by Social Mind Media

3. IT'S NECESSARY. Social Media is like an umbrella. huh? Let me explain. Let's pretend that we have a marketing umbrella. At the top of the umbrella we have traditional methods of marketing that have been in place since the dawn of time...well you know what I mean.  Print, Television, and Radio make up the top covering of the umbrella. They cover a broad range of reach and can present any product or service efficiently to the masses. Now let's think about this, traditional methods of marketing do very well at making sure we're 'covered' with information. Social media, is the handle of the umbrella. The part that we grasp onto. It is a VERY important part of the overall scope of a media campaign and one in which we have the closest contact with actual people. It is meant to work WITH other methods of communication, not against or in lieu of one or more of them. The handle of the umbrella presents the first line of contact with people, and as we all know...PEOPLE are what make social media 'social'. Never forget that. 

So while you consider your pill selection, and begin your adventure into the realm of the social media marketing matrix, just know that you aren't the first to dive into the unknown and you won't be the last. Social media is all about building online trust and opening up the lines of communication between businesses and the public. As long as you are consistent with your messages and social media posts, you'll be alright. Provide valuable content, great visuals, and interaction that people are drawn to. 

Not sure how to do that? Shameless plug time. Social Mind Media makes great strides in helping others understand the social media landscape. We try to keep things as simple as possible. I have adopted the Design Mantra of Keeping things Simple, and it works. If you have any questions, or comments we'd love to hear from you! Please drop us a comment below, or send us an email. Let's connect. 


Thanks to Social Media Today for providing the statistics used in this blog. For more information and the actual article referenced click here.